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A distinctive fencing studio in Singapore, conveniently located next to Mountbatten MRT. Known for our coaching expertise and friendly atmosphere, we specialize in Foil and Epee classes for all ages, casual and competitive. 

Fencing: Welcome
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Group Classes:
I. Kids Foil Class
II. Foil Foundational Class

III. Foil Developmental Class
IV. Foil Competitive Program

V. Epee Competitive Program

Private Lessons
I. 1-1 Individual Coaching

II. Duet Classes

III. Private Group Classes

Short-term Courses:

I. Introductory Courses & Workshops

II. School Enrichment & Corporate Teambuilding

Fencing: The Experience

Fencing is an elegant and classy sport and it helps to develop one's mental agility and physical fitness at the same time.


At Champions' Forge, we aim to share with you the joy of this amazing sport, by delivering fencing lessons that are fun, inclusive, and able to bring out the best in you.


We also aim to make fencing more accessible to everyone by providing free equipment in all of our classes, until you feel ready to commit to your own set of gear.

Fencing: Classes
Fencing: The Coach


"The purpose of fencing is not just about winning trophies and medals. It is about the pursuit of realizing your own potential, by overcoming many obstacles in your way and triumphing against your own weaknesses. It is also about living in the moment, and enjoying the beautiful game for what it is. In the heat of a fencing match, you can never feel more alive, and in the end you emerge a stronger, more tenacious and more confident individual."

- Zhang Zhenggang, Founder and Head Coach of Champions' Forge

What the Students Say:


"Coach Zhenggang is very patient and helpful in many aspects and he goes the extra mile to help not just in fencing!! I'm really grateful to have met him."

En Hao, Student, 17 yrs old

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Fencing: Contact


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