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Foil Competitive Program

For fencers pursuing competitive results or striving for excellence

  • 231 Mountbatten Road, BLK F #01-01

Service Description

There are 3 types of classes in this program: Technical, Sparring, and Strength & Conditioning. *Technical Class:* 2hr lesson focused on learning and mastering technical skills. A typical session consists of: -Partner training -Footwork -Situational fencing -Learning new techniques pertaining to tempo, footwork and bladework *Sparring Class:* 3hr sparring session for competitive and advanced fencers. -Practicing and applying new techniques and ideas from other lessons -Getting more sparring experience -Receiving feedback from coaches and other advanced fencers *Strength & Conditioning Class:* 2hr session for advanced and competitive fencers with a focus on Strength and conditioning. Exercises aim to improve physical performance, speed and endurance while making fencers more fit in general. Exercises are also tailored towards fencing specific movements and muscle groups for competitive performance.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • 231 Mountbatten Road, Champions' Forge Fencing, Singapore

    8882 8790

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