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A distinctive boutique foil fencing studio based in Singapore. Specialize in foil classes for all age groups, casual and competitive.

A forge is a furnace where metals are heated, wrought and put together. Expect temperatures to be high, with lots of hammering, pressing and rolling, and work progresses steadily and resolutely.

A champion is one who is courageous and strong and overcomes his own battles to be better than who he was yesterday. Essentially, he is a warrior with a kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit.


Put them together and you get what Champions’ Forge stands for.



At Champions’ Forge, we are starting a movement and we are building a community.

Every day, we see many sporting schools and clubs out there being overly fixated on results and overselling qualifications. Yes competitive results can be important, but we believe that they are secondary, and winning is just a part of the journey.

While we are a fencing school where you can sharpen your aptitudes, we also pride ourselves as a school for life. Our teaching philosophy encourages exploratory learning, embracing failure, thinking independently and having fun. We hope to impart a set of mental and personal proficiencies which you can rely on for whatever comes your way. Ultimately, we do not see ourselves as just fencing coaches, but educators, guides, and even friends, who use fencing as a medium to educate and nurture students into individuals who are champions of their own.

Some say the best view comes after the hardest climb. Perhaps. But the most memorable experiences are the sceneries along the way. We enjoy the peak, but we also indulge in the process of getting there.

And at the end, we can find another mountain to scale.

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