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Premium Hand-forged Italian Fencing Blades

Franchini Blades SRL was found in 2016 by a multiple-time European and Italian champion, Alberto Franchini. Started as a dream to design and create a perfect fencing blade, today Alberto Franchini brand is known as a manufacturer of the highest quality Italian fencing equipment. 


Guided by the expertise gained in a family-owned company Franchini Acciai Spa and years of competitive fencing experience, Alberto Franchini manufactures the highest quality Italian fencing equipment. To achieve excellence and high quality, every foil, epee, and saber blade goes through long and complex manufacturing cycles. Thanks to the chemical composition of maraging steel and hand forging, Alberto Franchini fencing blades last four-five times longer preserving incredible impact strength, flexibility, and toughness.

A rigorous manufacturing process and quality control on every step of production guarantee the highest quality of our fencing blades. The quality, stiffness, and weight of every blade are controlled manually. Thanks to the sensitivity of the operators' hands, we are able to give different properties to the blades, not only aesthetically but also at the performance level. Alberto Franchini blades are hand-crafted to the needs of our athletes.

Franchini Blades: Welcome


In the autumn of 2018, I began my one and a half year stay in Italy to further my training as a professional fencer. While there, a fellow Italian fencer showed me a foil that I have never seen before: shiny and beautiful, with an elegant engraving of his name on the side. I held the foil in my hand, and was immediately impressed by the incredible balance and light weight. "This is a Franchini blade, it is hand-forged." he told me, "it feels amazing and is very durable. You should try one." 

A few weeks later, I got my hands onto my very own Franchini. To this date, it has been my favorite foil of all time. I loved the lightness in my hands, with its great flexibility and superior balance. True to my friend's words, it also outlasted almost all other blades I had. But more importantly, it gave me a sense of poise and confidence, like having by my side an ally who responds exactly to how I want to execute each action. Simply put, it was the best foil blade that I have ever used. 

When I returned to Singapore after my endeavors, I am certain that I am going to bring Franchini to the fencers back at home. After all, every fencer aspiring to be a champion has to find himself a champion's blade. This online store is the result of collaboration with the Franchini factory itself, located far away in the beautiful city of Brescia. For every fencer who strives to be the best you can be, you deserve to have the very best in your hands.

Franchini Blades: About Us
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