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Tew Enhao

Hi! I am En Hao! I am an up-and-coming fencer that wants to reach greater heights and an aspiring coach that wants to spread the joy of fencing :>

For me, starting fencing was more coincidence than planned. I only picked up a blade because of school trials, and the novelty of the sport intrigued me. Since then, fencing has been an integral part of my life. It has taught me more than just skills that I can use on the piste, but also character that I can carry off it.

I believe that every fencer walks a unique journey, and my goal is to help them find a direction in this journey; to grow to become better fencers and better people. And to walk this journey filled with ups and downs, I believe that a fencer has to be dedicated and determined. They do not have to be the most talented, but they will have to put in consistent effort, and through that, they will become better versions of themselves every day.

There is a quote that I hold close to my heart: "You are capable of more than you know." If you are looking to take that leap of faith, come! We have a whole new world of experience waiting for you, and I can't wait to walk this journey with you :>


As an athlete:
- Raffles Invites 2023 Individual Bronze
- Asian Varsity Fencing Championships 2023 Team Bronze

Qualifications as a Coach
- NROC Registered
- Standard First Aid + CPR/AED Certified
- SG Coach Excellence Programme Fencing Level 1 (Full Integration)

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