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Fencing Equipment Starter Guide

While at Champions' Forge we make it easy for newcomers to start their fencing journey by providing all necessary fencing equipment, here is also an outline for those who wish to have their own personal gear.

For Foil Fencing, these are the essential items:

1. Foil Mask 

2. Fencing Jacket

3, Fencing Pants (also called breeches)
4. Plastron (an inner vest that protects vital parts of the body)

5. Chest guard (Essential for ladies, optional for gents)

6. Electric Jacket (also called Lame, and denotes the valid target area)

7. Fencing Glove (on the weapon hand only)

8. Foil Blade

9. Fencing Socks

10. Fencing Shoes

11. Body Wire and Mask Wire

12. Fencing Bag

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