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Max Neo

My coaching philosophy centers around providing athletes with a nurturing and enjoyable environment where they can develop not only their sports skills but also essential life values. I firmly believe in unlocking each athlete's fullest potential, helping them grow into responsible and productive citizens in Singapore. Regardless of talent, I prioritize hard work and dedication, valuing a diligent and committed athlete over a naturally gifted individual who lacks the drive.
I aim to foster a culture of respect as well as treating each athlete with equality and fairness while tailoring my coaching approach to their unique needs and aspirations. I believe that good sportsmanship is a paramount as it cultivates respect for both your opponents and teammates. 

To succeed in this journey, setting goals and working towards them provides athletes a driving force. These goals may not be monumental; even the smallest aspiration can lead to greater things. I firmly believe that with consistent hard work every day, the results will show, regardless of the time it takes. Together, we will embark on this new journey of growth, learning and accomplishing new things both on and off the fencing piste. 


I love this Bruce Lee quote
“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”

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​As an athlete:

  • 2023 SEA Games Men's Foil Team Silver medalist

  • Singapore Senior Nationals 3x Bronze Medalist

  • Singapore Junior Nationals 3x Gold Medalist 

  • 2022 Asian Fencing Championships Men's Foil Individual 12th, Team 6th

  • Singapore Men's Foil Contingent for Various competitions including Asian Fencing Championships & World Fencing Championships

Qualifications as a coach:

  • Registered under National Registry of Coaches

  • First Aid and CPF/AED certified

  • Values and Principles in Sports Certification

  • SG Coach Excellence Program Theory 1

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