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To summarize in three words: Timing, Distance, Precision.

As fencers, we believe that fencing is unrivaled in terms of flair and excitement. In no other sport would you see such a display of swordsmanship and sportsmanship, as well as a test of physical abilities and mental wits.

Essentially, two competitors, each holding a weapon in one hand, face each other to strike their opponent on a valid target area of the body. In fencing, there are three weapons: foil, epee and sabre, which differ in terms of target area and rules.

But here at Champions’ Forge, we practice foil.
Because it is the coolest.

Why practice fencing? The sport is believed to develop good hand-eye coordination and reflexes, enhance focus and concentration, mental strength and resilience.

And most importantly, because you will love it.

About Fencing: Welcome
About Fencing: About Us

Step in, be immersed.


Many a time, we teach through hands-on practice and exploratory learning; sometimes, our athletes become coaches and decide what they want to focus on; occasionally, we play games to encourage agility and coordination; but always, we have fun and positivity.  

Suit up, mask on. A warrior is on the piste.

With a brave spirit, give it your all. Live in the moment and enjoy the game. Salute, mask off.


Victory or defeat, it does not matter, because sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn. It is not whether you get knocked down, but whether you get up – there are always lessons to take home in every match. 



The Foil, also known as Fleuret in French and Fioretto in Italian, is the lightest (~500g) and the most flexible of the three weapons of fencing. The target area of foil fencing is only limited to the torso, and the play revolves around gaining the right of way before landing a hit. (You can think of right of way akin to possessing the ball in football or basketball). Examples of how to gain right of way include starting an attack before your opponent, or successfully parrying an opponent's oncoming attack.

In foil, a point can only be scored with the tip, making this a thrusting weapon. Modern foil fencing is fast and exciting, with furious exchanges between offense and defense, lots of movement along the fencing strip, and fine precise control of the blade. Creative and flamboyant moves are also commonly used, which make foil fencing thrilling to play and spectacular to watch. 

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