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Inaugural Champions' Forge Inhouse Competition

On 18 September 2021, we organized our very own inhouse fencing competition at TERRAxTCG. There were a total of 13 fencers who were divided into 4 teams (White, Red, Blue & Green), and they competed in standard Team format of 45 points. There was a lot of excitement and everyone enjoyed their fencing bouts in a jolly atmosphere.

After a brief dynamic warm-up, it was time to gear up.. The captains of each team drew lots to decide their opponents in the first round: White (Brian Hu, Lee Zhun Wen, Sarah Kee & Elizabeth Angela) vs Green (Lin Kai, Remi Kanji & Vishesh Mittal); Red (Tew En Hao, Raj Kiran & Tricia Chew) vs Blue (Shawn Lim, Chong Hao Xing & Liew Wei Lin). Some of the fencers are relatively new to the sport, and it was their first time competing! The more experienced fencers served as leaders to guide and encourage them during their matches.

(Zhun Wen, Sarah & Elizabeth of White Team cheering their teammate on.)

In the match between White Team and Green Team, the Green side took an early lead at the start of the match. However, through their collective efforts, the White Team slowly clawed back into the game and managed to make a comeback in the later rounds to win 45:38.

(Kai vs Brian in action.)

Red Team faced Blue Team in an evenly matched contest. The score was tight throughout, and it was 40:37 in favor of the Blues before the final bout. In the last leg, En Hao from the Red side turned up the intensity and managed to close the 3 point gap to edge out a victory 45:44 against Shawn, who was anchoring for the Blue Team.

(En Hao landing a spectacular hit in close-quarter.)

The winning two teams then moved onto the finals, while the losing teams fenced off for 3rd place.

The match between Green Team and Blue Team for 3rd place begun first. The teams took turns being in the lead, and the score was 40:38 in favor of the Green Team before the last bout. This time, however, it was Shawn's turn to shine. He made some great tactical adjustment against Kai, who was anchoring for the Green Team, and helped Blue Team to secure the match 45:42.

(Hao Xing from the Blue Team making good use of his long reach against Remi from the Greens.)

"It doesn't matter if we win or lose, we are enjoying the process."

Finally, the time for the finals has come. White Team opened the match brilliantly in the first two bouts take the lead 10:1. But Red Team's Tricia made an excellent comeback in the third bout, scoring 14 points to retake the lead at 12:15. However, eventually the Whites still proved to be the better team and triumphed with a score of 45:38.

(Brian defending against En Hao's attack in the final bout.)

"A well deserved victory, my friend."

As the competition drew to a close, it was time for some high-fives and prize presentation. Members of the winning team (White) each received a newly designed Champions' Forge T-shirt. Every fencer learnt more about themselves through the competition, and emerged a winner at the end. Good job everyone and we look forward to the next tournament!

And here are the winners! Congrats!

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